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Unanswered Questions

Who gets the $2000 payment? On Oct 27, KPLC-TV reports Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen went before Calcasieu Police Jurors to address continued confusion about the $2000 in fast help that some got and others didn't. Does every household get it? Still unclear, but Allen promises to have an answer soon.

From Survivors

Q. If I've already recieved $2,000.00, does that mean that is the only compensation I can recieve?

  • Answer: No... Call FEMA and ask about rental assistance. Then ask for recertification. You may be eligible for more money.

Q. I received my $2358 payment but I am waiting for something in the mail about how the $2358 is supposed to be spent (and documented?). As for the re-certify thing, that is new to me . . . do they have more info on the website about what that is about? (Question from survivor 10/9)

  • Answer: FEMA needs to see your place of residence to know the state of your residence. If you are unable to make it there to be present at inspection, be aware they might miss some things that you might know about. You might need to appeal. As for the 2300, that is for rental assistance. I am not sure if you can use that money for utilities. Any clarificaiton would be appreciated. (I learned a lot of this by previous work and from this website!)

Q. Can I use the rent money to move my stuff from New Orleans to another city?

Bad FEMA Advice

On Sept. 30, an Atlanta Public Housing Authority reports that FEMA is referring survivors to them, who do not actually qualify for HUD's programs (KDHAP), see HUD Policies. HUD has asked FEMA to stop referring ineligible survivors for HUD assistance.

After the 2004 Florida Hurricanes, FEMA employees told a number of renters to stop paying rent to their landlords if their homes needed repairs. FEMA did not advise these individuals to seek legal counsel. As a result, many individuals did not follow state law requirements for withholding rent, these actions jeopardized their potential eviction defenses.

Questions Already Posed to FEMA

The National Low Income Housing Coalition posed a series of questions to FEMA for an October 7 conference call. These can be found on the October 7 Questions page. The answers given by FEMA are now on available on the FEMA Answers page.