October 7 Questions

From FEMA Answers

Many answers to these questions can be found at the FEMA Answers page.

The following questions were posed to FEMA on October 7. Please do not edit these questions.

Q: How much assistance has already been given out by FEMA?

Q: How many have been denied assistance and why? What is the appeal process if one has been denied assistance?

Q: How will they determine who is eligible for programs; what are the guidelines of different programs?

Q: How are people who fall into certain categories being helped? (those with disabilities, formerly incarcerated , nursing home residents, homeless who are not covered by HUD, and other special needs)

Q: Will charities, churches, and other nonprofit organizations be reimbursed for services they have provided?

Q: What assistance is there for Rita victims?

Q: How will people uprooted first by Hurricane Katrina and later by Hurricane Rita be helped?

Q: Will families separated get help to travel in order to reunite with their families?

Q: Will people get help to pay for transportation to inspect their properties?

Q: What is the status of any mortgage assistance programs? How can people get help?

Q: How will money get to evacuees?

Q: How do people apply for long-term assistance? (Guidelines, etc.)

Q: How are the funds given out being spent? How is this being tracked to prevent abuse?

Q: What assistance is available for: people who previously resided in public housing, people who were renters, people who are property owner with uninhabitable homes but who plan to return, and people who are property owners with uninhabitable homes but who do not plan to return?

Q: Will long-term assistance be automatic if they have received previous assistance, or will fami