Summary of RD Programs

From FEMA Answers

Terms of RD Program

⌂ Displaced owners and tenants can apply to live at any RD-financed rental property and will be put at the top of the waiting list. Tenants who were receiving RD Rental Assistance can continue to receive RA while they are living in other RD-financed buildings, although by law RD cannot make RA available to tenants living in buildings that do not have mortgages from the Section 514 or 515 programs.

⌂ Leases will be on a month to month basis. Tenants and owners are expected to return to their original homes as soon as they can.

⌂ Non-farmworkers can live temporarily in RD-financed Section 514/516 units.

⌂ Non-elderly residents can live temporarily in developments that are designated for elderly people only.

⌂ RD expects property owners to suspend rent for apartments while they are uninhabitable.

⌂ Property owners do not need to obtain security deposits from temporary tenants; RD leaves the decision to each owner.

⌂ RD will negotiate financial arrangements with owners of damaged rental developments whose ability to make mortgage payments is affected by the hurricane.

⌂ For homeowners with RD loans, RD will provide a “no-questions-asked” moratorium on mortgage payments.

Contacts for RD Program

Residents of RD property can contact the USDA RD state office in their state for further information.

Alabama State RD Office
Sterling Centre, Suite 601