Housing Recovery

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Public Housing in New Orleans

On June 27, 2006, a class action law suit was filed by displaced residents of New Orleans public housing to challenge HUD's plan to reduce the number of public housing units in the City from 5,100 before the storm to only 2,000 units. More information on the suit can be found at the web site for Justice for New Orleans which has the complaint for the law suit, and a press release also gives more information.


Vacant Housing

Congressman Gene Taylor maintains a tally of vacant housing and those needing housing on his web site.

This website may also be useful for those trying to find housing: www.dhronline.org


Apartment Habitability Survey

Below find the numbers of uninhabitable Mississippi apartments out of those complexes that were "usably" surveyed, based on preliminary results as of April 7, 2006. Omitted entirely from the calculation of uninhabited dwellings were those complexes where the survey results were unclear as to the the number of habitable or uninhabitable. So the total base number and the total uninhabitable number do not include those were habitability was unclear.

Upper figure: number of uninhabitable apartments Lower figure: total of usably surveyed apartments.

1. Harrison County:

Biloxi: 799/1169 D'Iberville: 100/100 Gulfport: 497/1202 Long Beach: 80/157 Pass Christian: 190/190 Unincorporated Harrison Co.: 0/106

Total for Harrison County: 1666/2818 or 59% are uninhabitable Total Number of units in county: 3850 Total Number of units not surveyed: 1032 - so above results of 59% uninhabitability are based on survey of 74% of units in county.

2. Hancock County:

Bay St. Louis: 269/427 Waveland: 207/207 Total for Hancock County: 476/634 or 75% are uninhabitable Total units in county: 634 Total number of units not surveyed: 0 - so above results of 75% uninhabitability are based on survey of 100% of units in county.

3. Jackson County:

Gautier: 70/176 Moss Point: 15/132 Ocean Springs: 0/248 Pascagoula: 374/901 unincorporated Jackson County: 0/72

Total for Jackson County: 459/1529 or 30% of surveyed units are not habitable Total units in county: 1842 Total number of units not surveyed: 313 - so above results of 30% uninhabitability are based on survey of 83% of units in county.

Hope this is helpful! We should have better numbers very soon.

Dita McCarthy